Wedding Rickshaws – Cultural Heritage with a Modern Twist





                                                           South Asian weddings are vibrant, colorful, and joyous

                                                       celebration of the loving union between two people and                                                               their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. With festivities often                                                           lasting for days on end, anyone who has attended one knows that it is an unforgettable experience. One thing which makes the South Asian wedding experience quite like no other is the centuries-old cultural traditions that brides, grooms, and their families continue to draw inspiration from. 

   From the clothes to the food, to the wedding vows and the decoration – everything we love about South Asian weddings is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage and beautiful traditions of the region. Still, we’re always looking for unique and interesting ways in order to splash even more color and sparkle into our weddings, and one of the latest trends which has been causing a buzz in the wedding industry is the decorated wedding rickshaw.

   Nothing is more quintessentially South Asian than the rickshaw. This unassuming motorcycle or tricycle ( bicycle ) with its mounted frame is the default mode of transport for millions of people. When it comes to navigating the twisting streets of the old city or riding through a bustling market, then this traditional mode of transport is more useful and practical than even cars!

In the last few years, however, a more glamorous purpose for the rickshaw has emerged. Adorned with marigolds, jasmine, and gorgeous flowers and painted in dazzling colors, the wedding rickshaw is an amazingly versatile and ethnically-inspired wedding décor. One of the reasons we love it so much is because it is such as a modern and innovative twist for a traditional wedding, whilst at the same time being a heart-warming tribute to its roots in South Asia

    For adventurous souls who are looking to make a statement, then making your entrance into the wedding hall inside a lavishly decorated rickshaw couldn’t be more unforgettable or memorable.  The floral decorations can be selected to match the color scheme or theme of the event. For example, for those going with a traditional mendhi then a rickshaw adorned in yellow and orange marigolds will be a visionary delight, both in person as well as on the camera.

   Even if you’d rather not make your entrance riding in on a rickshaw, then another great option would be to station the decorated rickshaw outside the wedding hall or somewhere in the venue. Not only would this be a stunning floral centerpiece, but it would be an amazing prop and backdrop for some fun photo-shoots for the bride and groom or photography sessions for the wedding guests. 

   Wedding rickshaws are one of the latest trends when it comes to South Asian wedding décor. Being the perfect blend of traditional heritage and contemporary style, the versatility and uniqueness of a rickshaw will make it the perfect carriage for the couple or a fun centerpiece decoration for your wedding. Stunningly beautiful and uniquely interesting, it’s the ideal choice for those looking to make a memorable occasion even more memorable.